Mixed Use Project

Grand Gestures of Curving Forms Transform an Underutilized Parcel of Real Estate 


Puget Sound, Washington

Project Size

34 story Hotel & Residential
12 story Office
626,272 SF

Building Types

Hospitality, Residential, Office



A gateway to a prominent Puget Sound area, Link Design Group designed two complimentary building types to make up the mixed use project – a 34-story mixed-used Hotel and Residential tower, a 12-story office tower and a 3-story podium that connects the two. At the heart of the development is a grand urban plaza that serves as the major public portal to the complex. Within this vertical neighborhood, placemaking focuses on community activation of spaces – complimentary retail, landscapes at varying scales and moments of discovery – that invite the public in from the streetscape. The LINK team created opportunities for landscaped gardens and gathering spaces at roofs and terraces, a public plaza that displays a vibrant, urban street space. This is an experience-rich “urban hub” that brings people together to work, play and thrive.

This project will transform an otherwise underutilized parcel of prime real estate adjacent to a freeway corridor into a collection of elegant buildings that integrate street, podium and towers to create a dynamic, high-density, multi-layered community.


LINK’s design is a contrast in scale, textures, and angles that were important to create a dynamic addition to the city’s skyline. The ground plane’s podium massing, with it’s grand gestures of curving forms, provides a welcoming focal point to each ‘front door’ of the mixed-use development. With the formation of an integrated, multi-layered vertical community, the design synergistically stacks retail, hotel, residential & office.