CRL MixC Nanning Riverfront Center Interiors

Placemaking and Wellness


Nanning, China

Project Size

185,868 SM

Building Types

Retail Center



The healthy building movement has been at the forefront of conversations for a while and here at LINK, our current experience on commercial shopping centers in China points to increasing awareness of the value connecting people with nature inside of the built environment brings. It is a catalyst for innovative thinking and one of many ways for our client’s projects to stand out amongst the competition and address the ever-changing landscape of retail design.

In Asia, the shopping mall has, and continues to be much more than just a place to shop. Experiential moments from dining and education, to entertainment and personal services, drive foot traffic into these projects. At the Nanning MixC shopping center, the team at LINK Design Group took advantage of the narrow triangular shape of the waterfront site located in the old town district of Nanning to create a sense of exploration. The project’s lengthy and narrow retail podium with its four residential towers above are linked together by a series of courtyards, terraces, and plazas.

The team was inspired by the WELL building standards developed by IWBI and embraced the importance of keeping wellness in mind in both the design’s overall concept as well as the execution of interior features and finishes.

The goal of the interior design was to invoke a tropical lifestyle and resort-like atmosphere that emphasized connections to the outdoors. The beauty of nature is reflected indoors, encompassing all senses, sight, sounds, smell, and even taste! Research has shown that most people spend 90% of their time indoors, so it is paramount that we create healthy and sustainable indoor environments. In a Shopping Mall, that translates into promoting healthy air and water quality, promoting healthy food options, and implementing many of the tenants of biophilic design, which include providing ample access to nature and daylight. These are selling points to customers, especially in a big city setting like Nanning.

This 53,000 m2 mixed-use shopping center along with the residential towers are scheduled to open in 2022.

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