CRL Changzhou Mixed-Use


Changzhou, Jiangsu, China


Retail: 143,435 m2

            1,543,921 SF

Project Type

Shopping Center



This project is central to a major commercial development within an established residential area in Changzhou, China. CR Land envisions it as one of the initial phases of a large commercial complex, strategically located at Heping Zhong Road and Zhongwu Avenue. It is a gateway to a new retail, office, and cultural district. The region’s rich history of tea production and its scenic tea mountains inspired the design.

The design team faced the challenge of the site’s unique L-shaped plot and the project’s massive scale: a 1.6 million square foot, 6-story building covering a footprint larger than three soccer stadiums. The L-shaped structure creates a large activity node and features terraces that mimic tea mountain terraces, with landscaped sky gardens and floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The multi-level cloud café connects the top three floors and integrates with the terrace gardens, blurring indoor and outdoor spaces.

Emphasizing the main street corner, the building design reflects the rhythm and elegance of mountain terraces, clad in light metallic panels, patterned glass, and color-changing dichroic tiles. The lower levels and sunken plazas connect directly to a major subway line for easy access. The building’s three main entries offer different pedestrian experiences: a ceremonial NW entry facing a civic plaza, and NE and SW entries with a more intimate scale, surrounded by retail spaces.

The sunken plazas add more entry points, featuring stores, restaurants, and interactive landscapes. Upon completion, this project will be Changzhou’s largest shopping, dining, and entertainment destination, featuring over 300 shops, restaurants, and entertainment venues, making it a top retail center in the region.