Bellevue 111th Ave NE Apartments

Workforce housing apartment building on the Eastlink downtown light rail station


Bellevue, Washington

Project Size

8 story – 140 Units
146,324 SF

Building Types



Wallace/Scott Bellevue II LLC

LINK Design Group’s design for an 8-story, 140-unit residential workforce housing building will be the closest workforce housing apartment building to the Eastlink downtown light rail station. The ground floors contain lobbies, amenities, and active use space while floors 2-8 contain the residential units. A subterranean parking structure provides visitor and resident parking stalls.

Located on the street corner directly south of Bellevue City Hall, the design seeks to create a contemporary statement. The street-facing facades blend both the multifamily vocabulary of punched openings found on the adjacent residential projects with the openness and transparency of a multilevel glazed window system at the northeast corner, which carves into the building’s elegant block massing to emphasize the main entry.

Each unit is designed to maximize available views and access to natural light, with large floor-to-ceiling windows that are arranged in a slight offset grid pattern, bringing movement and playfulness to the façade. At the two major sidewalk frontages, the building’s interior allows for transparency, depth, and active uses as the building meet the street.