Gary J. Wakatsuki, AIA

“Flexibility matters – we keep one eye on the horizon and stay ahead of change to deliver projects which have flexibility and remain both relevant and economically successful over time.”

Gary Wakatsuki’s design leadership experience spans more than 30 years in multiple markets and regions around the globe. At LINK, Gary builds upon this experience and expertise. In addition to his design vision and strategic leadership on projects, Gary guides the clients and design teams to realize the potential of each project. “For a firm to evolve, you want to look at the horizon and be there before, or as, the outlook changes.” 

Formally, as a partner at CallisonRTKL, Gary led designs for the firms most visible mixed-use, hospitality and residential work. Gary is passionate about the idea that with a commitment to placemaking, the design of buildings and spaces between them within an urban environment has the potential to create greater value for the overall project.  

Gary plays a crucial role in creating unique places that resonate with people. Gary’s designs provide a conduit into a rich lifestyle that can have a profound impact on distinguishing a LINK-designed property apart from its competitors. “As strategic designers, we are future – oriented, big – picture thinkers. It is in our DNA to create innovative and competitive design solutions that embodies our client’s goals beyond what they imagined.” 

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