Jenny Li, AIA

“I love challenges”

Architect Jenny Li, AIA, is the founding principal of LINK Design Group. Her inquisitive, forward-looking approach to design distinguishes her as a leading architect. She has created a firm unique in its pursuit to be focused on the user-experience and implemented a holistic strategy to create maximum value for clients.

Drawing on insights from over 30 years of experience that encompasses retail, commercial mixed-use, residential, office and master planning projects, Jenny creates striking places that connect people with each other, their communities and the environment.

As the founding Principal at Link Design Group, Jenny works with a client’s goal at the forefront and develops projects that surpass expectation. She believes all design should improve one’s lifestyle and environment, with architecture playing an integrated role in the lives of the participants.

Working internationally, Jenny founded LINK’s office in Shanghai, contributing to award-winning projects across China. She has built long term relationships with industry professionals and offers clients a full suite of services – site selection, funding resources, connections to developers and more.

Jenny fosters a collaborative work environment where all perspectives are considered in order that the best design solutions emerge. “I want the best experience for everyone on the project – collaborators, consultants and clients.”

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